Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grow A Bonsai Tree

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Story by : Gary Chase

To grow a Bonsai tree is the ultimate expression of ones self, and especially the idea of power over nature. While I don't exactly like the idea of having power over nature, I think to grow a Bonsai tree is a masterful art, and thankfully can be enjoyed by all. They are fabulous little creations, and while starting off a thousand years ago in China, since having spread to Japan and eventually to the rest of the world, Bonsai trees are truly enjoyed by all.

And if you do grow a Bonsai tree, you will certainly have no end of 'wows' from your visitors! This article will give you some top tips to growing Bonsai trees.

First of all, you will need to do a little research. It's best to go and visit a Bonsai exhibition or nursery, as the 2D images online can sometimes not give you the best understanding of how the trees actually look and get put together. When I say research, I don't mean mind numbing, crushing and boring research, I simply mean choosing what you want to grow. Take a look out at nature. I'm assuming out your window there are some trees? If there aren't look later.

Look at the way the trees bend and twist, how the different species do different things. There are an infinite number of 'stylings' a tree can have, and this is the same for your new Bonsai. For example, you might want to have a tall and upright tree, like a pine. Or a twisty and knotted tree, like a Willow. Whatever, the choice is yours. A good tree to start with is the Japanese Red Willow. This is a popular tree around the world, and in the world of Bonsai, because of its ability to really be whatever you want it to be. For example, you can make a tall and upright out of it.

Or, you could make it nice and twisty. Whatever. The leaves are mostly a dark red colour, and become a lighter red in spring time.

To grow a Bonsai tree you have two choices, you can either start from a seed, or buy one already grown. A small one, that is, not, not a big one. I prefer to start from a pre grown tree, as it is easier. Simply head down to your nursery, and buy a tree. Re-pot it into a smaller pot, as this forces the roots to remain small.

Trim off the shoots and small branches which you don't need. The best time to do this is in the spring. Don't cut off all the branches though, because you still want the tree to have some character remaining.

Now it's just a case of waiting. Make sure your new Bonsai has plenty of light, because to grow Bonsai tree is to grow a real living tree. Keep it watered, but don't put it into a saucer, as this will rot the roots.

However you plan to grow your Bonsai tree, you should be able to go on instinct. There are some guides out there as well which are quite cheap, and can make the process much easier.

My name is Gary Chase, and for those interested, I have written a guide up on Bonsai Trees which you can read up about on growing your own. Also are some reviews on the best guide to grow Bonsai tree. I look forward to helping you with this beautiful art.